Poor IT Will Cost a Business Significantly – Here’s How to Do It the Right Way

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In our previous article, we discussed the top five ways that poor IT will be reducing productivity in your business.

Of course, there are also many other ways it has an impact, but instead of continuing to focus on the negative, let’s now look at how to do IT the right way – to benefit all functionalities of your business.

Look at How IT Serves Those Who Us It

To work out how to do IT right in your business, find out how it can best serve those that interact with your service or product. Because it is that user-experience in which you want to exceed expectations.

If you are able to provide technology that offers better service, ease of communication, improvement of efficiencies and allows your business to be more productive, then those who use it (whether internal or external) will have a positive experience that will only enhance profitability.

Set up a centralised data network to remove silos of information

As businesses grow and expand, different departments will often have their own collection of data and information that they use on a regular basis to carry out their duties.

And while it is understandable that you don’t ‘bog down’ the rest of the organisation with things that don’t directly concern them, there is the disadvantage of having silos of information – on both an individual and team level.

So this is where a centralised data network comes into play – particularly as most businesses create large quantities of computer-based information on a daily basis.

Invest in intelligent software

Technology changes at a rapid rate, and for those who don’t keep up with on a daily basis, it is likely you will be surprised by all the things it can do for your and your business – it just depends on what you want.

Of course, the harder you want the software to work, the more it will cost (and the better hardware it will require), but if there are significant ROI opportunities available for a business who implements the right kind of software – then isn’t it the best call to make?

Understand the importance of security

Many businesses don’t consider themselves at risk of security threats – ‘why would someone want to target us?’

However it isn’t about someone specifically setting out to hack into your computer network, as it’s actually more of a scatter gun approach where millions of organisations are hit. And the ones that aren’t prepared or protected are the ones where a security compromise will occur.

Allow budget for further improvements

Technology will always be evolving, and those that stay up-to-date with the IT required for their business – by investing regularly in improved systems and processes undoubtedly reduce their chances of experiencing ‘IT headaches’ significantly.

Of course the challenge presented to businesses is working out the best options available for them – so find yourself an expert that you can trust, and discover all the benefits that IT can bring to your organisation.


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