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Quick question…

Have you ever thought about your office’s layout and atmosphere and how it impacts the productivity of your team? 

How well office inhabitants perform influences the success of the business as a whole, so it’s important to create a space tailored to the modern worker with a few global trends in mind.

4 Mega Trends Influencing Office Architecture and Design

1. Rapid urbanization

Mega cities are attracting people inward to denser city centres that feature the amenities and convenience not often found in rural areas. Businesses must find unique ways to make the most of the available space.

2. Changing demographics

By 2020, millennials and members of Generation Z will make up the majority of the workforce. These tech-savvy, digital natives crave instant, always-on connectivity and want to take their work anywhere without restriction, so spaces should be designed to accommodate those needs.

3. Hyperglobalization

Regardless of industry, companies are increasingly competing on a global scale due to the rise in interconnected economies. As a result, office technology will continue to play a major role in enabling workforces to perform from anywhere throughout the world.

4. Accelerated innovation

Technology is now more deeply entrenched in our daily lives than ever before, but the majority of today’s office spaces were designed for a different era. Office spaces must be reinvented to reflect the ways that tech has changed the nature of work.

7 Inspiring Offices Around the Globe

So, what does the office of the future look like? 

Below are photos of the offices of companies who are embracing the future. If you want to learn more about the reasons why these companies invested in these workspaces of the future, you can download this PDF for free. 

1. New Lab 

NewLab's Office of the Future

2. 9Gag

9Gag's Office of the Future

3. Autodesk

Autodesk's Office of the Future

4. King

King's Office of the Future


MVRDV's Office of the Future

6. Consexto

Consexto's Office of the Future

7. Bloomberg

Bloomberg's Office of the Future

To learn more about the trends, and the reasons why these companies created these workspaces of the future, download this PDF

Over to You

As leaders in your organisation, you’re probably thinking about being in business for a long time. 

Take time to consider your business and workforce as they exist not only today but also in the future. 

Otherwise, you’re focusing on the now and you might miss shifts/changes in the market. 

In order for you to get to where you want to be, you have to invest in the future. Remember, what got you here won’t get you there.

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