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In this past-paced modern world, you need a partner that understands your business. An Technology provider that can support you through these challenging times, and is there for you when things get tough. A team of experts who’ve done this before and have the results to back it up.

You need a Technology partner that gets you. One where you won’t just be another number.  One that has the necessary experience and expertise to ensure your success. That Technology partner is iT360. Whether you’re trying to switch from an Technology provider who isn’t growing with you or simply want better service, you can count on iT360 to provide the right solutions.

We strive to help our clients ensure that their operations remain as efficient and successful as possible, even in times of crisis. Our team of experts has worked hard to develop solutions and strategies so that businesses of all sizes can remain connected and productive.

We strive to create the perfect combination of people, processes and technology that will enable your business to reach its goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you succeed in a modern world.

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When I think about where we’ve come from and where we’re at now, having that peace of mind that there’s a company with a number of people and experts in their field behind us. Certainly, I think helps the us sleep better at night.

Sandy Sharp
Business Support Manager, AR & Associates

Personally, whenever I lodge a ticket, when I do get a phone call, the technician often sorts out another few issues at the same time.

Always effortlessly.

The speed that my issues have been solved have minimised both my frustration and downtime and I know that whatever has been learnt is being documented to save time in the future.

I can’t thank you all enough.

Eleanor Lefever, Office Manager, DHC Consulting Group
Eleanor Lefever
Office Manager, DHC Consulting Group

One of the things that I was really grateful for was right from the minute of conception where we had our first meeting, to when it rolled out, it was very, very quick…the issues that we were having with the previous company, we didn’t have to deal with them for very long once iT360 came on board and we signed up with them.

Eleanor Lefever, Office Manager, DHC Consulting Group
Eleanor Lefever
Office Manager, DHC Consulting Group

[The cyber security audit] puts its contents in a controllable context for me…having a review time, identifying the 6-7 different domains to look at, seeing where you are, then clearly knowing what kind of things we can work on to bring us up to an acceptable level. I found it extremely helpful.

Beth Shean Trust Logo
Miriam Milson
Administrator & Manager, Beth Shean Trust
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Customer Transformations

How Kennerley Retail Investments Stays Ahead in a Fast-Changing Industry with Managed Services

Kennerley Retail Investments recognized the need for proactive IT support in the face of a rapidly changing industry and increasing cyber threats. Previously relying on iT360 for ad hoc assistance, they decided to transition to a comprehensive managed services plan. This strategic move allowed them to focus on growing their online presence while ensuring robust cybersecurity measures, regular data backups, and efficient IT equipment procurement. By partnering with iT360, Wayne and his team can now concentrate on providing exceptional products and services to their customers without worrying about IT-related challenges.
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Finding a More Proactive IT Partner: How Wilson Harle Switched IT Providers During the Pandemic

When COVID-19 started, Wilson Harle was forced to reevaluate their IT provider. They realised that they were receiving reactive support, rather than a proactive one. They decided to switch to a managed services provider that offers proactive support and one who understands their needs.