"It Almost Just Happened Without Me Knowing"

The exact words Andy Corbett, Commercial Manager, said about the onboarding experience with iT360

About Pipeline and Civil

Pipeline and Civil is an Auckland-based, private-owned, employee-owned company specialising in building water and waste pipelines. And because the company is wholly owned by the senior management and supervisory staff, this translates into a boutique experience for their clients.

The company is growing about 50% year-on-year in the past few years. The main driver of this success is their superior client and stakeholder engagement, the retention of technically skilled staff and risk management processes.

Pipeline and Civil was originally working with a small IT provider for a number of years. But this IT provider wasn’t helping Andy and the team focus on its core business.

Andy said “we have quite a basic maintenance/arrangement with a small IT company but we were very much driving it…I was basically trying to manage day-to-day stuff: software issues, new software, my mouse isn’t working, that kind of stuff. “ And this is taking up too much time from Andy. Instead of finding new projects and other big picture strategies, Andy is stuck solving everyday technical issues.

As with most companies, everybody will try to carry along. That this is just part of running a business. Until something big happens…


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The Problem

Apart from everyday issues that keep coming back, there was one incident that made them raise their hands up in the air and start looking for a new provider.

“We lost our entire document management system. That’s about 80,000 documents that just disappeared.”

Now imagine a business like Pipeline and Civil where you rely on contracts, invoices from suppliers, and all that project management data then suddenly they are all gone. And it wasn’t because of any cyber security breaches.

It’s just that their server wasn’t configured and managed properly. It wasn’t fit for the purpose it’s supposed to do and their provider didn’t do anything about it.

For us, it was an update that occurred at the same time as a backup. Three things were happening at the same time and it basically wiped out all our documents.

While Andy and the team recovered about 90% of the data, this has led to extra downtime and unnecessary costs to Pipeline and Civil.

This was the main driving force that prompted the search for a new provider.

The solution

Because of what happened, they started searching for a new provider. A company that can help them focus on what they do best. One that is proactive and spots issues become they become problems for the business.

iT360 was introduced to Pipeline and Civil through Spark.

“We were talking about how useless our systems were for a while and we needed something to give us some direction,” said Andy.

A few months after becoming our client, we asked Andy about their experience with the transition from their previous provider to iT360.

Andy said, “the onboarding was really well done and well planned…didn’t take much of my time. I honestly couldn’t quite believe it all happened.”

This is something we want to highlight.

Most small and medium businesses are hesitant to switch service providers because they think that the “switching costs” are too high. It will take up a lot of their time and energy to manage the transition.

But as Andy will say, it was pretty much seamless.

Pipeline and Civil Onboarding Experience

Switching IT providers don’t have to be dreadful nor should you worry about it taking too much of your time. You deserve better. So, if you are in exploring your options right now or wondering what services you should expect to receive, give us a call.

When we actually went live, it all just happened. I know there was a lot of work in the background with Chris working with our IT guys (the encumbents) and that was all handled really professionally. It almost just happened without me knowing. I was busy doing something and the date rolled around and we were live.

Andy Corbett

Andy Corbett

Commercial Manager, Pipeline and Civil

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