Collaboration Software – 7 Reasons to Have One for Your Business

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More and more business, big and small, are starting to realise the traditional collaborating of calls and emails are no longer productive. Enterprise-grade collaboration requires much more than basic tools could offer. Companies and teams are turning to the latest alternative – collaboration software.

You may have clicked on this article because you are not sure of how collaboration tools could help your business. Here are the seven reasons to use collaboration tools in your business: 

Top 7 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Collaboration Software

1. Time effectiveness 

In business, time is gold, and you want to spend your precious time being productive. Waiting for other people to reply or share – could consume your whole day. The purpose of using a collaboration tool is, in the end, is to stop your business from wasting time.  

2. Information efficiency 

Email – the traditional way of collaborating. You attached the newest version of the document. Send it to the intended recipients and wait for their response. The thing is…  

Sharing files by email is a painful process for both senders and receivers – especially when you have many people contributing to the project.  

Moreover, it can get messy – overwhelmingly messy!  

It is overwhelming when there are many version of files, coming from different people at the same time.   

Top collaboration tools would have many modifications, add-ons, bots that allows users to edit the project in sync. Upload your document and assign colleagues or teams to different chapters. They can then work together in real-time to get the content exactly how you want it. For total transparency, you can then use the audit trail to see what changes made and by whom. 

3. They offer more choice than written material 

In the digital world, it can be challenging to convey your exact purpose and thoughts by writing. An ideal collaboration tool would allow users to send messages, voice messages, screen sharing and send all types of files. 

multiple options for communication

A collaboration tool can minimise the number of gadgets you ‘need’ to use, by having them all in one place. Reducing your long list of daily software to three or even less! Just one login and they’re all at your fingertips. You won’t need to remember the gazillions of passwords. Wouldn’t that be better?

4. Makes your project more organised 

How many times did you turn your inbox upside down to find an email? From data, meeting times, and internal communication, the amount of information we need to keep track of is vast.

Sometimes it isn’t about personality, you just haven’t use the right tool yet. Being organised is a competitive advantage, and no company should take it for granted.  

Files and documents in one place

Once you logged in, conference call facilities, calendars, and tasks management allow you to carry out your meeting. You can even send meeting reminders or reminders of all sorts to everyone. Isn’t it much better than sending emails, and hoping people would remember?

5. Security 

Security is especially important when you’re handling the sensitive part of the project. Thinking about the serve consequences of data breach may already be giving you shivers.  

Emails can be vulnerable to data breaches, however, a collaboration tool will give you absolute control over your data. You will decide who has the permission to access it and for how long.  

6. Reduce stress 

Managing a project is never easy and unnecessary clutters don’t help. That’s why organisations need collaboration tools. To relieve managers from unproductive complexity, simply by facilitating communication and empower accountability.  

Collaboration tools allow you to see everyone’s work, and them being able to see yours. The exchange of information, ideas and comments becomes easier and faster. Being able to see progress will likely reduce your stress, and it can lift your team spirit too.  

7. Staying on budget 

Staying on budget is a common goal for all managers. The capability to track history and progress would help managers divide resources better. Most collaboration software would allow managers to be on top of all the milestones, process, status and the content of each project.  

Other surprising peaks are travel costs saving. Whether it is domestic or international travel, it can be expensive, especially for extended periods of time. That’s why collaboration software is the solution. You can work at any time or location.

Do you think collaboration tool is needed in your organisation? If you do,

Here’s Our Honourable mention: Microsoft Teams 

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