6 Helpful Business Applications for 2020

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Business applications (apps) come in all shapes and sizes, and using them in your organisation could provide some real benefits. They are nothing new in terms of their concept, but you should make an effort in 2020 to really see how much value they can bring to your daily operations.

Here are six apps we think you should consider to help increase productivity and overall efficiency in your business.

6 Apps That Can Increase Your Productivity

1. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a freemium application that works to help teams communicate with each other easier – particularly if in different offices or locations.

You can create various channels for each area of the business, where people can collaborate, and there is also a private message function for one-on-one discussions. Removing the hassle of trying to follow email chains and attending time-consuming meetings, it allows everyone to stay up-to-date with workflows and processes that relate to their job.

2. Trello

Trello is another free tool and it is perfect for project management. It can be as simple as a to-do list for an individual (to-do, in progress, waiting for feedback, complete), or is ideal for teams working on projects together – it provides a one glance view of where tasks are currently sitting, and everyone can input progress updates for other members to view.

3. Spark

We have previously mentioned how unproductive dealing with emails can be, but the good news is there are plenty of apps around that allow you to turn your inbox into an organised, functional place that you won’t be so afraid of.

Spark is one email management app that offers a Smart Inbox that automatically sorts incoming mail into different folders, depending on how you set it up. You can also snooze selected emails until later, so if you can’t deal with them straight away, they will show back up at a time that is more convenient for you

4. TrackingTime

TrackingTime is a collaboration tool that enables accurate tracking of time spent on different tasks, so you can keep control over workflows.

Allowing you to follow productivity when managing projects, it also takes you to the two next steps – generating timesheets and providing analytics so you can accurately measure outputs.

5. ScannerPro

ScannerPro is a helpful little app to have around when you’re out of the office, or just want to have a less time-consuming way of scanning documents. It allows you to take a snapshot of a document and turn it into professional-looking PDFs which you can then email, add to the Cloud, or print out when you get back to the office.

Maybe it sounds like something too small to truly make a difference to your day, but these types of apps are about making life easier wherever they possibly can, and we can certainly all do with a bit of that in our working day.

6. Fetch Payments

Getting paid on time is the dream of most businesses, particularly SMEs who rely on prompt payments for managing cash flow. And there are plenty of apps out there that can assist with making sure the money is in your bank account when it is supposed to be, and there is less time spent on chasing up debtors.

Fetch is a KiwiBank application, but the good news is you don’t have to be a Kiwi Bank customer to use it. Whether you need to get paid online or on the job site, Fetch has multiple functions that allow you to collect money faster, whichever way you do business – and of course, it is about cutting down on the time required it takes to do it too.

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