5 Steps to Help You Recover from Targeted Cyber Attack

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Cyber attacks are a risk for any business connected to the internet. It could be someone trying to steal company data, or just wanting to cause havoc for the sake of it.

It’s important to have security systems in place, as even the smallest cyber security attack can damage your reputation. If the worst should happen, and someone successfully attacks your business your immediate reaction may be to pack up and quit. It is possible to recover, so prepare a risk management plan with the following vital steps so you can recover safely and gracefully.

5 Steps to Take After a Cyber Security Attack

1. How Large Was The Attack

Once you’re aware a cyber attack has taken place it’s important to figure out the size of the attack. This will enable you to correctly assess the right amount of resources needed in fixing your problem.

A network analysis can help you find out which systems have been affected.

2. How Did The Attack Occur

By determining the cause you can prevent similar intrusions in the future.

Could your network have caused the issue? Was it an email virus? Did someone download a free programme from a less‐than‐trustworthy website?

Some warning signs to look out for include computers frequently crashing, visits from strange IP addresses or large data transfers.

3. Contain the Cyber–Attack

Some viruses or cyber attacks have long-lasting effects, so it’s important to contain them quickly. This could involve removing malfunctioning systems and replacing some hardware.

Buying new computers and programmes can be expensive and slow productivity in the short-term, in the long-run, this is essential to your overall recovery, removing the threat and maintaining the reputation of your company.

4. Hire a Cyber Security Expert

An expert IT team can repair the damage and help you rebuild a new system with stronger protection, more sophisticated firewalls and security measures. They can also take your employees through vital training to reduce the likelihood of future attacks.

5. Give Your Customers Peace of Mind

You must get out in front of it to reduce further damage. Assure your clientele that you’ve taken the greater measures to secure their information, and prevent something similar happening again.

Honest communication is the building block upon which credibility is built; communicate effectively.

Cyber crime is an ever‐growing issue, With every new advancement in technology and programmes come smarter ways of infiltrating them. Cyber crime does not solely target large Fortune 500 companies.

On February 16, 2016 thousands of businesses around New Zealand were sent what looked like an invoice. On opening the invoice, the ‘Locky Virus’ spread through their computers, encrypting files so the owners can’t open them. Hackers then contact the business owners asking for a ransom before sending through the encryption key.

Businesses of all sizes were hit, and many are figuring out how to cope after losing all their data. Short of removing yourself from the internet entirely, these steps will help you recover, and prevent similar attacks in future. Keen to understand more about Online Security Protection for New Zealand businesses? Download our latest eBook – it’s FREE!

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