Switching IT Providers Is as Easy as 1-2-3

No one likes a breakup but sometimes it’s for the best in order to move forward into your desired future.

Company spotlight

Traffix Limited is a New Zealand owned and operated traffic management company operating since 2002. Over the following two decades, they’ve experienced steady growth as they aim to become the preferred traffic management partner to leading utilities, construction, and event service companies across the country.

Traffix have been working with another IT service provider for a few years. They were moderately happy with them until some rather large changes occurred. We asked Cath Hart, General Manager at Traffix, to share their situation and what their experience was like when switching over to iT360.

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In our discussions with Cath, she shared three reasons that made them start looking for another provider.

First, the service they were getting has changed. Second, the provider also lost some staff which led to not being able to deliver on the service at a high level.

“There was a change in ownership…we noticed a change in service…the service had decreased with regards to what we were receiving before…Their change in staff and the technical people they had on board no longer could deliver what they had promised and what we were paying for.”

And lastly,  they wanted to keep their list of suppliers simple.

As with any business, they want to focus on doing what they do best. So, they started their search and have a couple of shortlisted companies.

“We picked iT360 because of the service we received from Spark….and the fact that we could amalgamate to one account. We don’t want necessarily want to carry a whole heap of suppliers to deliver a particular type of service. We just need to know our systems are working so we can get on with running our business.”

With iT360 being the preferred IT Supplier for Spark Businesses within the Auckland Waitakere Region, it made for some great alignment.

It’s only been a few months since Traffix became a managed services client of iT360 and Spark. We reached back to Cath and asked her to share their experience with the onboarding or transition process from their previous provider to us.

Here’s what she said: “Chris was absolutely fantastic with managing the onboarding…he took control and actually ended up working directly on our behalf with our previous IT company. We didn’t have to get caught in the middle and try to negotiate while trying to run a traffic management company.”

Cath further added, “There were some fishhooks that were being presented by our previous IT provider that were causing me frustrations to the point where I was almost considered taking legal action if they didn’t do as we had instructed. Fortunately, it never came to that. In order to maintain a good relationship and a speed transition, Chris was able to Talk IT to IT.”

No one likes a breakup but sometimes it’s for the best in order to move forward into your desired future.

Traffix Today

We also asked Cath for some feedback on the ongoing services we’re providing for them. One example she shared was about the fast turnaround times for support tickets and the way we handle them. 

The turnaround and getting back to people, the picking up the phones, generally all the staff who’ve had interaction with your support help-desk are very happy and very comfortable with the services you’re giving.

Cath Hart, General Manager, Traffix Limited

Just what we at iT360 enjoy hearing.

Hear From Our Clients

IT that revolves around you

Just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks to you and whole iT360 team for helping to support QES over the last week as we’ve geared up to operate remotely. It is a frantic rush for us and we know that a lot of your customers will have been bombarding the team with a similar volume of requests.

Your team have been very supportive and despite the workload have still been there for us. I’ve received really positive feedback from my team about how helpful the iT360 techs have been. We all really appreciate the support.

Grant Davidson, CEO, QES
Grant Davidson
CEO, Quality Education Services (QES)

I know Chris had to work probably a lot harder than he would normally because doing things remotely is very, very tough…it’s not that instant, you know. He can’t just walk in the office, sit down and do what he needs to do…it was video calls, it’s timing…it does make it a lot harder; however, it worked exceptionally well.

Ruth Moxley
Office Manager, Wilson Harle

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