Business Technology You Should Be Implementing in 2020

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Technology in business isn’t just about serving your internal functions and processes – well it shouldn’t be. More organisations are turning to IT to help them look after their customers and clients better, and that’s how it should be, as that’s how a business grows.

So in 2020, what technology should you be considering to deliver your product and/or services?

What technology should I implement in my business?

The technology you should implement in your business differ depending on your needs. But the important ones to invest in early is a mobile-first experience on your website, focus on user experience/customer experience, and big data.

5 Business Technology You Should Be Implementing

1. Big Data

Over the past few years, big data has been a significant trend in the business landscape as more organisations start to realise its power – if it is collected and used in the right way.

This example here shows how a retailer can use big data to predict trends, prepare for demand and optimise pricing and promotions. Which of course provides them with an advantage over competitors who only operate in a reactive manner.

It helps create more satisfied customers who feel like their needs are not only being met but in many ways predicted by companies, they choose to buy from.

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2. User experience (UX) and customer experience (CX)

Encompassing a variety of offerings, user and customer experience is about making sure that the end-user is always in mind for the development of tools and services.

UX and CX is already a strategy for leading companies and marketers who know that providing customers (and potential customers) with an enjoyable experience when interacting with a business is a vital component of a service offering.

Even on a small budget, it is imperative that businesses consider how they are able to incorporate UX and CX into the way they engage with new leads, turn them into customers, and then continue to delight them (and ultimately retain them for longer).

3. Mobile-first

If you don’t currently cater towards the mobile market, then it needs to be high on your list of priorities for 2019 – otherwise, your business will be left behind, literally.

In May 2015 Google announced that searches on mobile had surpassed PCs, and around the same time they introduced a new search algorithm that favoured mobile-friendly websites over those who were not optimised for mobile browsing.

But even if Google favouring mobile-friendly websites doesn’t bother you, having a design that is easy to navigate on a tablet or mobile device should be a concern as it links back to point 2 around user experience.

4. Document management & CRM

According to this article from Business2Community, both document management and CRM systems will become more cloud-based, mobile-friendly, and inherently collaborative in 2019, which is a win-win when it comes to catering to your customer’s needs. Companies will continue to see the benefits of these solutions that allow them to work more efficiently and most importantly to meet the needs of consumers – who expect to have personalised service when dealing with businesses they interact with.

5. Apps

Applications for mobile devices are no longer reserved for the super technical, and they don’t have to cost the earth either. Now easily accessible for small-to-medium-sized businesses, they offer an opportunity to provide a point of difference to customers, clients and consumers.

Business planning and strategy company Bplan says that creating an active and well-functioning app for your small business that lives on your customers’ phones gives your brand the prestige and credibility that was once reserved for big businesses.

An added bonus is that they can also allow a level of user self-management, meaning there could be a large amount of time taken off in-house administration for small tasks – for example, contact changes, making bookings, receiving notifications/business updates. ——– Keen to understand more about Cyber Security in the Workplace? Download our latest eBook – it’s FREE!

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