Automation Is Changing Everything: How SMBs Can Benefit from Business Process Automation

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How do you speed up a process? Automate it. Want to make a process more accurate? More streamlined? Automate it. Want to save time from all your mundane tasks so that you can focus on growing your business? Automation lets you accomplish that.

Automation isn’t just trendy tech anymore, it’s a necessity if you’re looking to scale your business. If you don’t start leveraging it now, you simply won’t be able to keep up. In fact, it’s been changing how business for some time now. Here’s how.

3 Benefits of Business Processes Automation

1. Fewer steps

Automation changes the way you complete business processes.

In other words, when you use an automated system you can dramatically reduce the number of steps it takes to complete a task and the number of people responsible for carrying those steps out.

This drastically improves your organisation’s overall productivity.

From hiring/recruitment and employee onboarding to accounting and finance, automation solutions help eliminate the repetitive tasks that are prone to human error. For example, in human resources where there’s so many paperwork and admin tasks, workflow automation can make your HR staff’s life easier.

A company’s onboarding process can be automated. Instead of having the new-hire go through generic orientation, an automated series of emails specific to the role can be sent. They’ll have their own checklist of things to read or do.

Collecting signatures for contract signing can be done within the system too. Email notifications can also be sent to key stakeholders, like peers and the immediate supervisor. IT can also be notified to create email accounts and provide access to certain tools.

Some other areas where automation tools can help HR are leave requests and time sheet approvals. Managing contracts also come into fall under here—supplier/vendor contracts, employee contracts, partnerships, and many more.

2. Fewer mistakes

When tasks are automated, or information automatically documented, you reduce the risk for error.

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of other tasks and end up making simple mistakes with large repercussions. By streamlining and automating processes, you ensure that those happen less frequently – something your clients are sure to love.

The reason this works is there are often built-in automated controls within the automation system. They follow a certain set of rules that you define beforehand. This means any particular workflow or series of steps will only trigger if certain conditions happen.

Mistakes are expenses. Not only do they cause damage to your reputation, but they are an added cost that reduces your profits. To fix a mistake, you’ll have to allocate man-hours to do so. And if you add opportunity costs, this presents a bigger problem for business leaders.

Fixing a mistake means you’ll have to pay their salaries. On top of that, that time spent on rework could have been spent on more value-adding activities.

3. Less time

Above all, automation allows you to save time – and what you can then do with that time leaves you with endless opportunities for growing your business.

Think about the amount of mundane and repeatable tasks you complete on a daily basis. When you no longer have to focus your time and energy on those tasks, you can take on larger projects that focus on scale.

Documentation Automation

Documentation doesn’t have to be a dreaded time-consuming task. Instead, with automation, a lot of it is done for you.

What’s even better is that we’re not just here to tell you how awesome automation is without offering you the tools to take advantage of it. By creating integrations with your software and CRM, you can automate a ton of your documentation, making your processes not only more efficient but also less time-consuming.

So, are you ready to start leveraging, or improving how you leverage automation in your business? We’re ready to get you started.

Get in contact to see how we can assist in leveraging automation in your business. It’s what we do!

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