Waterware's Journey With IT360

Enhancing Efficiency and Streamlining Operations

Waterware, a leading wholesaler of plumbing components, realized that their existing IT infrastructure was no longer meeting their evolving needs and challenges. The catalyst for change culminated in a specific incident that prompted the leadership to approach multiple IT providers, seeking proactive support and reliable service. Eventually, they partnered with iT360, who facilitated Waterware's transformation with Azure Virtual Desktop and managed services. The migration led to a seamless transition, streamlined internal processes, and significantly improved operational efficiency that boosted productivity.

Company spotlight

Waterware, a leading wholesaler of plumbing components, bathroom wear, kitchen tapware, and more in New Zealand, embarked on an IT transformation journey to address their evolving needs and challenges. With a focus on providing a comprehensive wraparound service to their customers, Waterware recognized the importance of robust IT infrastructure, proactive support, and streamlined processes. In collaboration with iT360, they aimed to overcome their previous limitations and enhance operational efficiency.

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Waterware’s previous IT provider proved to be difficult to work with on a day-to-day basis, leading to numerous challenges and frustrations. The provider was characterised by a reactive approach, where issues would arise, but resolutions were not delivered promptly or efficiently. Waterware found themselves constantly logging support calls and experiencing a lack of proactive support. Over the years, the accumulation of these issues strained the relationship and hindered the company’s ability to operate smoothly.

The turning point came when Waterware encountered a specific incident around the middle of the previous year. There were discussions about a potential server upgrade or necessary adjustments due to Microsoft changes. However, the company realised that before investing further in their existing IT infrastructure, they needed to explore alternative options. As their contract with the incumbent provider was up for renewal, Waterware took the opportunity to evaluate their IT requirements and seek out more reliable and proactive support.

Driven by the need for a better level of service and the desire to address upcoming changes, a key stakeholder at Waterware reached out to multiple IT providers to assess their capabilities and solutions. Eventually, the project gained momentum, and Waterware’s leadership became actively involved in exploring alternative options and finding a partner who could deliver the desired proactive approach and support.

Waterware partnered with iT360 to implement a comprehensive IT solution. Leveraging Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and a range of managed services, iT360 designed a customised setup that met Waterware’s specific requirements. The AVD environment allowed employees to access the same programs and documentation seamlessly, whether they were working from the office or remotely. The transition process was well-executed, with effective communication and ongoing support from the iT360 team.

The improvements observed since migrating to Azure Virtual Desktop and engaging iT360 were significant. The IT infrastructure now operates more efficiently, with smoother workflows and quicker performance. The ability to customise onboarding forms and access knowledge base articles has streamlined internal processes and improved productivity. Waterware also expressed satisfaction with the prompt and efficient support provided by the iT360 team, along with their proactive approach in resolving challenges and coordinating with third-party providers.

Employee reactions to the transition were generally positive, with the team displaying receptiveness, patience, and adaptability throughout the process. With thorough preparation and regular updates, Waterware successfully navigated the transition period and witnessed increased productivity among their staff.

Waterware Today

Overall, iT360’s approach and expertise were commended by Waterware. Our proactive communication, technical competence, and ability to handle challenges efficiently were highly valued by everyone at Waterware. By entrusting their IT needs to iT360, Waterware experienced smoother operations, enhanced support, and a reliable partner for future initiatives. 

Through their collaboration, Waterware and iT360 have set the stage for continued growth and success, ensuring that Waterware remains at the forefront of their industry and can deliver exceptional services to their diverse customer base. 

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