Top 7 Benefits of Reputation Enabled Defense

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Wondering whether to purchase WatchGuard’s innovative Reputation Enabled Defense solution? We’ve got the lowdown on this clever product and how it can protect your business.

First things first, what is Reputation Enabled Defense? Developed by WatchGuard, it’s an innovative product that protects users from malicious web pages and other online threats without negatively impacting on page load times or putting unnecessary pressure on your antivirus software. It’s all about increasing efficiency, creating a safer web browsing experience, and improving your overall cyber security defences.

If you want fast, secure, high-performance security software, then Reputation Enabled Defense is a great place to start. Here are the top seven benefits of this product.

Top 7 Benefits of WatchGuard’s Reputation Enabled Defense

1. Pre-Antivirus scanning

One of the problems of installing multiple security features is that things like files and URLs are scanned multiple times, and therefore risk slowing down your computer or putting extra pressure on certain programs.

With Reputation Enabled Defense, all URLs will be scanned before they go through your Antivirus system. If the URL is found to be problematic, then the connection will be dropped without delay. And if the URL is safe, then it can skip the antivirus software altogether, hereby increasing efficiency and avoiding double handling.

All of this results in an impressive 30-50% savings on web processing.

2. Cloud-based

Reputation Enabled Defense is a cloud-based program, so it’s not slowed down by the speed or connection of your computer. Highly powerful, it scans data from multiple sources to protect your network from threats.

3. Real-time monitoring

Malicious links don’t take a holiday, so neither does Reputation Enabled Defense. The program uses real-time monitoring to pick up on problems as and when they happen – not a few hours too late.

4. Botnet exposure

Worried about botnets and control nodes? Reputation Enabled Defense is designed to pick up on these pesky problems without delay.

5. Faster web surfing

Since Reputation Enabled Defense skips your antivirus software when scanning URLs (see first point), it actually results in faster, more enjoyable web browsing. It’s quick to process each URL thanks to reputation scores, which are stored in a local cache.

6. Added flexibility

If the thought of installing one more security feature makes you want to pull your hair out, don’t worry – this program can be seamlessly integrated with other WatchGuard services.

This means that everything can be managed from one interface, saving your IT administrators from bouncing between different programs. Your IT team will love the flexible, adaptable structure.

7. Top notch reporting

As with all security features, often the best value comes from analysing the reports and identifying the threats that have been avoided. Reputation Enabled Defense produces informative reports designed to educate administrators about the risks lurking in their environment, so your IT team can be better informed and plan for the future.

If you’re still unsure about whether Reputation Enabled Defense is right for you, we can help. A Gold Partner of WatchGuard, we are highly experienced with their products and can assist you with all your cyber security needs.

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