Accelerate your team's productivity

Internet Services

As you rely more on the internet to get things done, it's important to have a reliable connection that can meet your needs. Get faster internet speeds with our robust, all-IP network solutions designed to meet your unique business needs.

Accelerate your team’s productivity

Waiting around is not an option in this ‘always connected’ world. The last thing you need is a slow and inconsistent internet speed. Each downtime is a missed opportunity that costs hundreds to thousands. Faster, safer and better is the only way to go when you want to connect your business to the information superhighway.

With the power of ultra-fast fibre and the best-in-class wireless technology, you can be assured that everyone in your organisation can surf, download and stream at their heart’s content – without having to worry about getting disconnected. Feel confident that you can serve your customers to the best of your ability!

Secure and reliable internet connections for your business.

Whether you need to connect multiple offices, locations, or just yourself, iT360’s reliable network solutions will get the job done. With simple pre-installation, bandwidth on demand, and faster internet speeds, you can rest assured that your business will have the connectivity it needs to get things done. Plus, our all-IP network solutions are designed with both small businesses and large enterprises in mind.

Fast, Efficient Internet Isn’t Just for the Big Guys

Small businesses can have the same level of reliable internet connection as large enterprises. With our scalable solutions, you’re able to choose exactly how much bandwidth your business needs at any given moment. You don’t need a big budget or complicated setup — just an internet connection that meets all your current and future needs.

Our internet solutions come with:

  • Ultra fast fibre: pick and choose the speed and access type you need
  • Dedicated bandwidth: Always access a private and secure connection
  • Fail-safe technology: Consistent and reliable business internet connection
  • Proactive support: Highly skilled and friendly technical support available whenever you need help

We know your time is precious, so we make it easy for you to quickly switch to a better connection and get the most out of your internet. Contact us today to start taking advantage of our reliable, secure, and faster internet solutions!

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Hear From Our Clients

IT that revolves around you

The security aspect is quite interesting. You don’t realize how important it is until you have an incursion…we’ve certainly learned the hard way. And learned a couple of times that the security of the network is important.

Bryce Howard, CEO, Farro Fresh
Bryce Howard
CEO, Farro Fresh

We’ve been working with them since 2010. It’s a relationship, rather than just being our IT provider, and I really like that. I build relationships with people, so I want to have more than a cold, hard conversation about the business.

Grace Ikiua | CEO | Good Seed Trust
Grace Ikiua
CEO, Good Seed Trust

Is your IT hurting or helping?

iT360 has been helping Kiwi businesses for over 25 years use technology to their advantage. It’s about time we do the same for you. 

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