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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Entrusting your staff with mobile devices can help them be more productive, but it also poses threats to your privacy and security if not managed properly.

Do You Need Mobile Device Management?

Companies today are seeing an influx of employees using mobile devices to carry out corporate tasks and access corporate resources. Many see this as an opportunity to improve employee productivity, and have begun advocating practices like corporate-owned personally enabled (COPE) and bring your own device (BYOD). However, placing sensitive corporate data in the pockets of your employees poses various threats to your enterprise’s privacy and security.

A Holistic MDM Approach

To address this issue, we recommend adopting a holistic, integrated mobile device management (MDM) solution that can help your IT staff manage every aspect of mobile device use. From enrolling new devices to wiping corporate information when an employee leaves your organisation we can help you feel confident in your mobile device management.

Secure Your Data

In today’s increasingly connected world, security is essential. Our comprehensive mobile device management solution has the power to effortlessly manage every component of your data, such as policy enforcement, app control, and tracking, in addition to reporting. With just one centralised platform, you gain full visibility and control over who has access to your data and how it is being used.

With our MDM solutions, you can have peace of mind that all your needs are taken care of no matter what type of devices you entire organisation may use.

How Innovative Businesses are Using Mobile Device Management:

  • Mobile Application Management
  • High-End Device Security Management
  • Robust Mobile Device Management Support
  • Secure Distribution of Content
  • Instantly Update Operating Systems on Mobile Devices
  • Track Assets with Configurable Reports
  • Complete and Secure Email Management

Mobile Device Management offers companies a comprehensive solution to address the issues that come with allowing employees access to corporate resources and data on their mobile devices.

Our MDM solutions empower you to effectively manage every device in your business. Reach out to our team today so we can discuss how we can help secure your data and protect it from any threats.

Hear From Our Clients

IT that revolves around you

We’ve been working with them since 2010. It’s a relationship, rather than just being our IT provider, and I really like that. I build relationships with people, so I want to have more than a cold, hard conversation about the business.

Grace Ikiua | CEO | Good Seed Trust
Grace Ikiua
CEO, Good Seed Trust

Personally, whenever I lodge a ticket, when I do get a phone call, the technician often sorts out another few issues at the same time.

Always effortlessly.

The speed that my issues have been solved have minimised both my frustration and downtime and I know that whatever has been learnt is being documented to save time in the future.

I can’t thank you all enough.

Eleanor Lefever, Office Manager, DHC Consulting Group
Eleanor Lefever
Office Manager, DHC Consulting Group

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