Your people is your last line of defense

Cyber Security Training

Don't let your organisation fall victim to the increasing threat of cyber security incidents — regular and up-to-date training is key in protecting your data and business operations. Well-trained employees are your first line of defence against cyber-attacks, and can make all the difference in preventing damaging breaches.

Relevant, Current Training Videos

Our cyber security training features 1-minute videos to keep your staff engaged. Short, relevant videos help employees learn faster, prevent them from getting bored quickly and tune out. We deliberately made the training available in bite-sized content to help your team learn the concepts needed without having to dedicate huge time blocks that disrupt their already busy lives. They are able to understand faster, apply it right away, and remember longer. Our Training Videos cover topics such as:

  • Work From Home Securely
  • Mobile Security
  • Phishing
  • Ransomware
  • Social Media REPORTING
  • Passwords
  • Public Wifi
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Insider Threat

Robust Reporting

As a part of the service, iT360 can provide Advanced Reporting to highlight important metrics presented in an easy-to-understand way. Quickly find out how employees and departments are progressing through the training.

Phishing Simulation

Test your organisation by sending them realistic fake phishing emails in an attempt to deceive them into clicking links to give up their credentials. The results of the phishing test can be used to help the organization gauge the risk and response rate of employees to a phishing attack. iT360 can also customise phishing emails from a vendor or partner of your choice in order to make the fake phishing email as relevant to your organisation as possible.

Why Should You Care About Cyber Security Training for Your Company

At the end of the cyber security pyramid are employees, often the organisation’s weakest link. Cybercriminals also know that the easiest way to access secure networks or steal data is to target this “human factor.” Employees often have access to critical data and login credentials or other critical information that can easily cripple the organisation.

2020 Cyber Threatscape Report stated that over 73% of businesses were targeted by cyber criminals last year.

iT360 Security Awareness Training includes everything you need to train your team how to protect themselves against cyber attacks. Because employees have such a short attention span when it comes to watching security awareness videos… all of our videos are 1-minute long and tell a story leaving people saying, “Hmm… interesting, I didn’t know that”.

Our video training includes over 100 videos, quizzes, and progress reports. Our phishing simulation includes pre-configured templates, phishing statistics, and automatic campaigns. And our gamification makes it fun for your team to put into practice what they learned. 

Access To Multiple Security Policies For Your Organisation

Access multiple Cyber Security Policies to ensure your business education and compliance. These policies cover the below and more:

  • Anti-Malware Policy
  • Cyber Security Policy
  • Data Breach Response Policy
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Internet Use Policy

The above are all items that iT360 commonly provides support and implementation on.

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IT that revolves around you

We’ve been working with them since 2010. It’s a relationship, rather than just being our IT provider, and I really like that. I build relationships with people, so I want to have more than a cold, hard conversation about the business.

Grace Ikiua | CEO | Good Seed Trust
Grace Ikiua
CEO, Good Seed Trust

Great service and very practical – something that seems rare in IT organisations … they have a willingness to offer practical solutions rather than simply propose a multitude of options.

Ben Skelton, General Manager, Bellingham Wallace
Ben Skelton
General Manager, Bellingham Wallace

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