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Managed Firewall Services

Secure your business from any potential threats with managed firewall services. Our comprehensive solution offers real-time monitoring to protect you from malicious actors and cyber attacks, whether you're in the office, at home, or anywhere in between.

Post Pandemic Business Requirements Changed

We understand that security is at the forefront of any business’s mind. COVID-19 accelerated the shift to remote work and digital transformation, which means your business needs a secure network more than ever. Our managed firewall services can help you protect your data from malicious actors and internal threats by scanning incoming and outgoing traffic. This gives you insights on what’s happening in your network at any given time.

Real-Time Monitoring & Protection

Working from home, at cafes, and other locations are quickly becoming the norm when it comes to running a modern business. Unfortunately, this means your staff is now connecting and accessing confidential, sensitive data from multiple (unsecure) networks. This greatly increases your risk of data breaches and malicious attacks. With 24/7/365 monitoring, you can rest assured that your data is secure with our managed firewall services.

Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks & Compliance Requirements

Our managed firewall services will provide real-time monitoring and protection with advanced analytics to help you stay ahead of cyber threats. This includes both proactive and reactive measures to help protect your business’s sensitive data and systems.

Managed firewall solutions from iT360 can provide powerful protection for your business against cyber attacks.

  • Having advanced analytics work in real-time means that you will always stay one step ahead of potential dangers during dangerous times.
  • Proactive measures are essential for identity and data protection in case of malicious activity. And with our reaction contingencies, your systems, and sensitive data won’t have to endure preventable outages and hacks.

Secure your business from malicious actors and cyber attacks with managed firewall services from iT360. Our comprehensive solution provides 24/7/365 real-time monitoring to help you stay one step ahead of potential danger. Speak with our IT security experts today.

Hear From Our Clients

IT that revolves around you

Below is an excerpt from my All Staff Support Services update that went out Friday morning. I would like to expand on this and thank all your frontline staff for assisting so many of our users. To have 100 staff working remotely and the whole organisation still connected within about three days is a big effort.

This has been an unprecedented event for iT360 and all IT providers. The team at iT360 have been tireless in supporting us and we now have at least one hundred staff working remotely in some capacity, through a mixture of Odyssey devices and personal devices…Having cloud-based mail and Microsoft Teams has enabled the Odyssey family to stay in touch and seamlessly continue to deliver a quality service to our Whai Ora.

Glenn Manson, CFO of Odyssey NZ
Glenn Manson
Chief Financial Officer, Odyssey

Considering the circumstances, it was pretty impressive how [the onboarding] happened…what I liked the most about the onboarding process was the communication…[Chris and I] talked many times a day…we chat a lot of times…he got online, found the right people to talk to…he made it work.

Ruth Moxley
Office Manager, Wilson Harle

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