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The Essential 8 Framework

With The Essential 8 Framework in place, your organisation can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being better protected against cyber security threats and compliance with industry standards. Our experienced team can help you craft a comprehensive strategy that will keep your company safe from malicious attackers now and in the future.

What is The Essential 8 Framework?

The Essential 8 consists of eight essential mitigation strategies designed by the ACSC to help organisations mitigate or prevent cybersecurity incidents. A number of mature New Zealand businesses have adopted this Cyber Security Framework in the absence of a government-led Cyber Security Strategy specific to New Zealand.

iT360 expects this to come forward from the Government soon which will somewhat mirror the Australian Framework.

The Essential 8 Maturity Levels

The different strategies that make up the Essential 8 are measured according to the level of cybercriminal tradecraft they aim to mitigate. The strategies are ranked across four maturity levels:

  • Level 0 – indicates weaknesses in an organisation’s overall cybersecurity posture.
  • Level 1 – mitigates commodity tradecraft with publicly available tools.
  • Level 2 –mitigates adversaries who invest more time in a target with more effective techniques.
  • Level 3 – focused on adversaries who are more adaptive and less reliant on public tools and methods.

Why You Need to Implement The Essential 8 Cyber Security Framework in Your Organisation

Past iterations of the Essential 8 sought to have an organisation reach Maturity Level 3.

However, in the latest release, the Essential 8 aims to get an organisation to achieve a homogenous maturity level across the prevention, limitation, and recovery sections before moving to the next level. Additionally, organisations are encouraged to focus on achieving a maturity level that makes sense for their risk management level.

Essential 8 Overview

The Essential 8 Framework is intended to be used as a starting point for organisations to improve their cyber security posture. It is recommended that organisations take a holistic view of their IT & Security environment, address any existing security gaps, and then look at improving their cyber security maturity level. To stay ahead of the ever-evolving threats, businesses should regularly review and update their cyber security frameworks.

At iT360 we are here to help you make the most out of your cyber security investment by helping you implement and maintain the Essential 8 Cyber Security Framework so that you can rest assured that your organisation is secure. Our team of experienced professionals will provide you with the resources and guidance needed to ensure your organisation is protected from cyber threats. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you bolster your security posture.

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