Ensure maximum protection against unknown cyber threats

Endpoint Detection & Response

EDR is designed to monitor and record all activities on an endpoint, providing unparalleled visibility into potential threats and enabling rapid response in case of an attack.

When Traditional Methods No Longer Work

In today’s ever-evolving security landscape, having traditional Anti-Virus (AV) protection on your machines is no longer adequate or secure enough. Instead, it’s crucial to have Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) agents installed on your devices to ensure maximum protection against cyber threats.

Unlike AV, which relies on known signatures and patterns to detect and prevent malware, EDR utilizes advanced behavioural analysis to detect and respond to even the most sophisticated and unknown threats. EDR is designed to monitor and record all activities and events that occur on an endpoint, providing unparalleled visibility into potential threats and enabling rapid response in case of an attack.

Benefits of Endpoint Detection & Response

  • EDR provides enhanced threat detection by monitoring and analyzing system activity for unknown threats, including zero-day attacks.
  • EDR provides real-time visibility into endpoint activities, enabling security teams to rapidly investigate and respond to potential threats, contain and remediate security incidents before causing significant damage.
  • EDR agents provide complete visibility into all endpoint activities, allowing organizations to identify potential vulnerabilities, including operating system configurations, software installations, and user behavior.
  • EDR solutions provide continuous monitoring and reporting of endpoint activities, simplifying the compliance process and reducing the risk of non-compliance for organizations.

What Exactly Are Endpoints and Why Do I Need to Worry About Them

Endpoints are devices on a network that are used to communicate and interact with resources on the network. These endpoints can include desktops, laptops, servers, mobile devices and other hardware and operating systems. In today’s evolving security landscape, endpoints are increasingly at risk from cyber threats, especially since endpoints may be used for sensitive transactions such as online banking, personal emails or business communication.

Endpoint protection is critical for any organization to keep their data and systems secure. Cyber threats such as malware, ransomware, phishing attacks and insider threats can enter corporate networks and infect endpoints, causing loss of sensitive data, disruption of business operations, and costly downtime. Protecting endpoints with EDR is crucial to safeguarding a company’s data, reputation, and financial health.

Why EDR is Critical for Complete Cyber Security Protection

As cyber threats continue to evolve, relying only on traditional Anti-Virus protection is no longer enough. As a business owner, it’s critical to invest in an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution that provides advanced threat detection capabilities, real-time visibility into endpoint activities, and can ensure complete cyber security protection.

At iT360, we provide expert consultation and support for businesses of all sizes. Our team of cybersecurity professionals can help you create a comprehensive EDR solutions to protect businesses from sensitive data breaches and ransomware attacks. Our tailor-made approach ensures that our clients not only comply with relevant regulations, but they also have the highest level of cyber security protection.

If you’re looking to ensure maximum protection against cyber threats, reach out to us at iT360 for a consultation. We will work with you to create an EDR solution that is customized to your business’ specific needs. Don’t leave your organization’s security to chance- invest in EDR and protect your business today!

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[The cyber security audit] puts its contents in a controllable context for me…having a review time, identifying the 6-7 different domains to look at, seeing where you are, then clearly knowing what kind of things we can work on to bring us up to an acceptable level. I found it extremely helpful.

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Miriam Milson
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I have had 12 years of experience working with iT360 as my client. They are always easy to deal with, friendly, professional, encouraging and of course importantly, good payers! I realize this review page is probably for their clients to review, but I believe the true test of a company is not what is seen, but the workings of the company/people behind the scenes. I highly recommend anyone to deal with them.

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