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Collaboration is the key to intelligent workplaces, where everyone spends time together in turning their vision to reality. One of the biggest time-waster is to search for content, contacts, conversation threads and tools needed to complete a task. To have one place to access all of these instantly is a gem for many teams of all sizes.

With Microsoft Teams, every conversation and document is saved in the cloud for your team members to find. There’s no need to resend files for revising as Teams allow on-the-spot editing and finalising of shared content. That’s frictionless collaboration essential in an innovative workplace!

Team Collaboration on Steroids


Message someone privately or chat with your entire team

File Sharing
File Sharing

Share files and collaborate with your team without opening another app


Schedule meetings in advance or ad-hoc. Connects to Outlook


Build or extend your app's capabilities

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3 Reasons to Choose MS Teams

Increase your productivity with MS Teams

Increased Productivity

  • New team members can quickly get up to speed
  • Scheduling assistance
  • Note taking
  • Desktop sharing
  • Quick file uploads
  • Reduce email clutter
Better Communication

Better Communication

  • Deliver live and on-demand events
  • Host audio, video or web conferences with anyone inside or outside your organisation
  • Live broadcasts for big meetings
  • High quality audio and video for clear conversations
  • Boost team culture with personalised GIFs, stickers, etc
  • Prevent data loss or theft by either completely wiping devices or wiping only corporate data.
  • Collect and wipe devices when an employee leaves.
Collaborate seamlessly with MS Teams

Seamless Collaboration

  • Connect and collaborate faster with Teams devices
  • One touch to start meetings and calls
  • Choose where and how you want to work
  • Integrate with third party services or build your own
  • End-to-end data security, control and compliance

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Everything You Need to Know About Teams

Most frequent questions and answers

What is Microsoft Teams?
Microsoft Teams is a hub for teamwork in Office 365. It's a platform that allows you to keep all your team's chats, meetings, files, and apps together in one place.
How do I access MS Teams?
You can access Microsoft Teams on both your desktop and mobile devices. It supports both Windows and Mac, iOS and Android devices. You can also access MS Teams using your web browser.
What can you do with Teams?
Microsoft Teams allow you to collaborate with anyone in your organization anytime and anywhere. Chat, call, video conference with a single individual or your entire team. You can share files, or even collaborate on editing the same document at the same time. All these inside the Microsoft Teams app.
Is Microsoft Teams free to use?
Microsoft Teams is a freemium product. So, yes, it is free to use, but have limited functionality. In order for you to use some of the features, you will need to have the right Office 365 license.
What are the benefits of using Microsoft Teams?
MS Teams is a collaboration software for your organization. It gives you access to communication tools like chat, calling, video conferencing, and file sharing. It integrates easily with the tools you're already using like email, calendar, and even office suites like Word and Excel. MS Teams reduces the need for using multiple apps; thus, increasing the productivity of your entire organization.
Is Microsoft Teams replacing Skype for Business?
Yes, MS Teams is replacing Skype for Business. Because the workplace is constantly evolving, the tools must also evolve with the business. Microsoft will continue to support Skype for Business until July 31, 2021.
Is Microsoft Teams included in Office 365?
Yes, MS Teams is included in an Office 365 account. In order to use Teams, you would need to create an Office 365 account (unless you are invited as a guest).
Can anyone join a Microsoft Teams meeting?
Yes, anyone can join a Teams meeting provided that the organizer of the meeting allowed it. People invited can join by link or by phone. They can also join using the Teams app on their desktops and mobile devices via the calendar or channel, or even chat.
Are my chats and calls secure in Microsoft Teams?
Yes, Teams is built on the same platform as Office 365. Without all the legal and technical specs, you are guaranteed the highest-grade security and encryption that follow ISO and other standards. What’s even great is that these industry-leading compliance commitments are enabled by default.
Is Microsoft Teams like Slack?
In some ways, yes, Microsoft Teams is similar to Slack. But, the main differentiator or MS Teams is its close integration with the Office 365 suite of products — from Word to SharePoint to video calls. Using the same app, you can collaborate with your colleagues on the same spreadsheet without leaving the app.

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  • Receive too many emails everyday that’s hampering your productivity
  • Constantly switching between apps
  • Tired of constantly being tied to your desk?
  • Can’t take a vacation

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