Microsoft 365 is everything you need to run your business, in one place.

Enable your digital transformation with Microsoft 365.

Enable your digital transformation with Microsoft 365

A complete, intelligent, and secure all-in-one solution that empowers your team.

Microsoft 365 combines the productivity apps and tools of Office 365 with the powerful Windows 10 operating system, plus enterprise mobility and security.

While your team will be able to work more efficiently and creatively than ever with Office 365 productivity tools, Windows 10 will help you streamline the management of company devices and data across a range of environments.

The workplace is transforming—from changing employee expectations to more diverse and globally distributed teams to an increasingly complex threat landscape. Get ahead of the curve with Microsoft 365.

Connect your team members to the people and information they need to do their best work, from anywhere.

Integrate customizable apps and automation tools to transform your existing processes and workflows.

Safeguard your company’s assets with intelligent security that won’t slow down your productivity.

Do Any of These Sound Like You

  • You are tired of dealing with multiple sign-ins for all your different apps and devices.
  • You are worried about security breaches because there aren’t safeguards in place that stop team members from accidentally sharing proprietary information.
  • You are frustrated with inefficient communication.

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What Microsoft 365 Includes

Office 365 Productivity Apps

  • Get your team on the same page with group chat and online meetings.
  • Stay up to date on any device with the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.
  • Work efficiently with email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and more—together in one place.

Windows 10

  • Transition easily from your desktop to your mobile device with built-in compatibility features.
  • Automatically update new features and security at no additional cost.

Enterprise Mobility + Security

  • Access sensitive information with user authentication and automated policy-based rules.
  • Help secure business data on personal and company-owned devices.
  • Guard against unsafe attachments, suspicious links, and other malware.

MS 365 vs Office 365

What is the difference between Microsoft 365 and Office 365?

It’s understandable that the similar names for these two Microsoft services have caused some confusion. Let’s clear that up!

Office 365 is a suite of productivity apps and web-based tools like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Exchange email, OneDrive, and all the familiar apps like Excel, PowerPoint, Word and more.

Microsoft 365 includes everything in the Office 365 suite, plus Windows 10 Pro and added advanced threat protection and privacy and compliance capabilities.

Both offer secure remote access for collaboration and productivity, but Microsoft 365 has additional security capabilities if you’re dealing with sensitive data or are concerned about device management and compliance.