Feel Confident in Critical Business Decisions with Dashboards

Answer Important Questions About Your Business

Sophisticated Analytics at Your Fingertips

Dashboards are business intelligence tools that visualize relevant data from multiple sources in one centralized location. This allows you to quickly analyze critical data, making it more actionable than ever before.

Connect your files, attachments, services and APIs, customer data, and more to visually track and analyze key performance indicators, metrics, and key data points. Dashboards allow your business to be agile, responding to trends early. Dashboards allow all users—even non-technical ones—to understand the analytics that matter to their business, department or project.

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Your Business

Track Key Metrics
Track Key Metrics

Avoid data overwhelm. Only track the metrics that matter to your business’s bottom line.

Accessible from Anywhere
Accessible from Anywhere

With cloud access, users can access dashboards from anywhere.

Customizable to Your Needs
Customizable to Your Needs

Everyone uses data dashboards differently—and business intelligence isn’t just for the big guys.

Automatically Generate Reports
Automatically Generate Reports

Communicate with important stakeholders with easy-to-understand, instantly generated reports.

Data about your business’s health exists—are you utilizing it or not?

Dashboards allow you to take intelligent action and get results.

Analyze and Collaborate More Readily

  • Share dashboards with your team for easier analysis and collaboration.
  • Establish targets, set goals and understand what and why something happened.
  • Eliminate the headache of going to multiple sources to track your data.

Instantly Know the Health of Your Business

  1. Know the why’s behind what happens in your business.
  2. Track your key performance indicators (KPIs).
  3. Notice trends early on so you can capitalize on the positive or divert the negative.

Save Time by Visualizing Key Metrics

  1. Visualize and analyze your data quickly.
  2. Understand, monitor and improve your business.
  3. Reduce hours spent analyzing and trying to accurately communicate.

Pilots don't fly without dashboards, so why are you?