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About Wine Logistics

Wine Logistics is a family-owned New Zealand business that provides storage and logistics solutions to the on- premise hospitality trade and liquor retail outlets. The business was started as a direct result of lackluster services of existing logistics and freight services entities. With a simple goal to provide excellence in service, Michele, owner and Managing Director seized upon this gap in the market and today has a thriving business.

Michele Spring, Managing Director of Wine Logistics, knew the importance of quality service. Being in the hospitality industry, she knew that reliability and consistency were paramount to success. As the company grows, the IT systems running behind the scenes need to evolve as well.





The Problem

As a service provider, Michele knew the importance of providing excellent service. After all, this was the reason she got started in the business.

This became a challenge when her previous IT provider, a one-man team, started having issues with availability. For instance, sometimes “we won’t get a response for a few days” or an issue would get resolved in more than a week instead of a few days like it used to before.

Anyone in the hospitality industry knows that it’s a fast-paced and highly-demanding job. Delays and issues on IT systems only adds more work for the team as they have to still complete their responsibilities manually.

iT360 now monitors all our on-premise IT-related equipment and can spot issues before they occur. This proactive approach allows us to avoid issues before they occur; thus avoiding costly business downtime.

Michele Spring

Managing Director

The solution

Being a customer of the Spark Waitakere Business Hub, Michele has access to a broad range of services. After speaking with their Spark account manager, iT360 was introduced to Wine Logistics.

After a few meetings, Michele became one of our managed service customers. This gives Wine Logistics premium access to our excellent front desk (support) and the wider team at iT360 for any IT needs.

When asked about the partnership with iT360, Michele said “The team at iT360 were professional and thorough from the initial engagement to the onboarding…it was important for us as a small family-owned business to reduce the number of providers we use and reduce complexity across the business.”

Wine Logistics Today

The relationship with Wine Logistics is still new. But the difference it made in giving Michele and her team a peace of mind is something we take pride in.

Michele also added that “moving to iT360 allows us to tap into a much broader range of skill sets as they have more IT professionals in customer service and experts in security. We feel significantly less exposed and in good hands with iT360 and Spark onboard.”

Now, Wine Logistics can simply focus on providing the excellent service they promise to their customers without worrying about their IT systems failing them.

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