Intergroup NZ Achieves 4x Growth Without Pains

Intergroup, New Zealand’s Infrastructure & Industrial Services Specialists, Grew from 3 to 16 Branches and 180 to 600 Employees, Without Worrying About Productivity Losses and Security Risks

Company Spotlight

With more than 35 years’ experience, Intergroup is New Zealand’s leading infrastructure and services specialist. They do everything from pipeline inspection and repair, to drainage maintenance, civic construction, liquid waste management, hydro excavation, ultra-high pressure water jetting and more.

Three years ago, they engaged iT360 to replace some ageing servers and streamline their IT processes – and they haven’t looked back.






The Problem

Ageing Servers, No Visibility, No Control

Not so long ago, Intergroup had three branches, 180 staff and a “one man band” managing all their IT needs. Fast forward just four years and they have 16 branches and nearly 600 employees. Fortunately, IT Manager James Willis had the foresight to engage a new IT provider before they entered this extremely busy growth period.

“A lot of other companies were like ‘here’s a box, you fit into it’, whereas iT360 asked: what are you trying to achieve, and how can we work towards that?” James explains.

Before iT360 came in, Intergroup staff had very limited server storage space, so most files had to be saved locally. This posed a huge productivity and security risk for Intergroup. If a computer crashed or someone left the company, all their work could be lost.

In addition, IT problems were addressed in an ad hoc manner, which often led to important issues being missed. This is very inefficient and unproductive.

The solution

The Solution

iT360 changed the structure so that all files can now be saved directly to the server, providing Intergroup with much more control over sensitive information. Files no longer go missing, and employees don’t lose their work.

To combat this problem, iT360 introduced IT Direct.

“IT Direct is an application on your computer where you can log tickets, take screenshots of issues and prioritise tasks,” says James.

“It provides a holistic view about what’s happening across the company. I can see things like how many tickets are open, the estimated response time, what’s up next to be fixed… it’s a whole other level of service.”

iT360 also updated Intergroup’s security settings, installing firewalls and UPS equipment in every branch.


Focusing on the Bigger Picture, Rather Than Fire Fighting

Over the years, iT360 and Intergroup have formed a highly productive partnership, saving Intergroup a lot of time, money and stress. James says they went from “fighting fires” to taking a “preventative approach” to potential problems. He’s grateful for their continued support and impressive customer service.

“The staff at iT360 are great. They’re all really friendly, willing to go out of their way to make things happen,” says James.

“They offer a different level of service compared to a big player, where we’d just be another number… iT360 operates on a more personal level.”


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