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Good Seed Trust Migrates 100% to the Cloud, Increased Productivity While Lowering Costs

Good Seed Trust (Non Profit) Increased Their Efficiency While Lowering Cost by X% After Migrating 100% to the Cloud (Azure)




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Company Spotlight

Good Seed Trust is a non-profit dedicated to helping build strong families. It runs a number of programmes including early childhood centres, the award-winning OSCAR holiday programmes and before and after school care, youth and family coaching and Fathers and Kids and SuperGrans events. It touches the lives of more than 200 families across Auckland.

The Problem

Legacy Systems Causing Inefficiencies

The ageing server meant downloading photos for storybooks was time consuming, taking up to 10 minutes for staff at outlying offices to download a photo.

Duplicate files were also causing an issue, with up to five copies of the same document spread across the network.

Due to frustrating server issues staff were saving everything onto PCs, (rather than the server). Not only were the computer hard drives filling up, but staff were struggling to locate their information as they moved between PCs.

The solution

Going 100% Cloud

“We want everything saved in one safe place – not on the PCs. So it makes sense to go to the cloud. We’re trying to change behaviour” Grace says.

“It’s important to be forward thinking and to take us into the 21st century. Good systems, less paper, less files and folders is part of that.”

While many Kiwi companies still prefer to keep a foot in both camps, with some equipment on premise and some in the cloud, on the advice of iT360, Good Seeds embraced cloud 100%.

“We had to either get a new server or go to the cloud. The cloud was cheaper, safe and it just made sense,” Grace says.

Dave Wilson, iT360 General Manager, says “It was obvious to us that the best solution was depreciating the old server infrastructure and moving it to Microsoft Azure Cloud, with SharePoint and Office 365.”

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