Farro Fresh Continues to Grow Without Worrying About IT Issues

Growing from 1 Store with 10 Staff to 6 Stores and 350 Full-Time Staff Isn’t Easy.

Company Spotlight

Farro Fresh is a boutique supermarket chain that started in 2006. Farro’s goal is to make your grocery shopping an experience, not a chore. They aim to provide their customers with a retail experience that ignites the senses. From a team of 10 and 1 store, they now have over 350 full-time staff in 6 different locations covering most of Auckland.






The Problem

Safe, Secure, and Operational Systems 24/7

Farro is a growing supermarket chain. They needed a system to handle their purchasing, inventory, POS, internet, and many more. They realized that if they want to stay competitive and grow in this competitive space, they need a robust IT infrastructure.

The CEO, Bryce Howard, said we “need a system both stable and operational 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Without that, we won’t have a business.”

Ever walked in a supermarket with empty shelves? Or full of discounted products about to go bad? That’s what happens when IT systems fail. You don’t get orders in time or you purchase more than what is necessary because of a system glitch.

“The security aspect is quite interesting. You don’t realize how important it is until you have an incursion. We’ve certainly learned the hard way. And learned a couple of times that the security of the network is important,” Bryce said.

The solution

Leave IT to Us

Farro is a complex business with lots of moving parts. According to iT360 General Manager David Wilson, they’re a “business that needed something done in all aspects of IT.”

“Key proof of the pudding is we don’t have to think about the safety, security and access of our computers,” said Bryce.


We sort out your IT, so you can focus on what you do best.

With iT360 working behind-the-scenes, Farro now focuses on what matters most.

“We focus on making great products, selling to our customers, without worrying about whether we have an incursion or security issue…for me, the fact that we don’t have to worry about it, it’s superb…we’re continuing to have a great relationship and a great outcome from working with iT360.”

Howard Bryce, CEO


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New Zealand owned and operated

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