From Frustration to Satisfaction: How DHC Switched IT Providers Without Disruption to BAU

“My time was never waster” —Eleanor

Stop settling for mediocrity

DHC Consulting Ltd. is a structural and civil engineering consultancy that was founded in 2005. Their broad range of professional engineering services helps clients turn their projects from concept to reality.

With the company growing and COVID-19 virtually changing how they work, DHC needed a reliable and proactive IT service provider to guide them during these uncertain times. One that has a vision. One that could cope with the constant changes happening in the market.

We ask Eleanor Lefever, Office Manager at DHC Consulting, about her experience switching from their previous service provider to iT360.


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The Problem

DHC Consulting was having problems with its existing IT provider. The service was mediocre at best, and they were not getting the level of support they needed.

Eleanor said, “I found them really responsive…seemed to go okay. It seemed okay because we were able to operate…[but] there were little holes…it’s almost like the immediate issue got resolved, but there were issues I certainly wasn’t aware of until they came up.”

Over time, these little holes started to become bigger ones. Instead of IT being used as a driver of growth, it became a hindrance. It’s now causing their staff to become unproductive.
The constant back and forth between DHC and their previous IT company was wasting time. Eleanor recalls that since the root cause wasn’t getting solved, this resulted in “more phone calls and more follow-ups and different people to talk to [because] there were so many different technicians.”

The worst part is that this wasn’t just an issue for Eleanor. DHC relies on its IT so much that she claims it’s critical to the company’s success. With several departments, external and internal stakeholders, overseas contractors, and huge data demands, downtime is simply out of the question.

She knew they needed a more proactive IT partner. One that can support them as they grow. One who is always thinking ahead so they can focus on what they’re good at—engineering.

The solution

Not Settling for Mediocrity

In late 2021, DHC Consulting made the switch from their previous provider to iT360. Eleanor describes the transition as seamless, allaying one of the hesitations business leaders often have when finding other service providers.

One common story we hear from other businesses is they think that switching IT service providers is both lengthy and painful. That is why even if they are getting mediocre support, they stay with them even though they know it’s not good for the business in the long-run.

“One of the things that I was really grateful for was right from the minute of conception where we had our first meeting, to when it rolled out, it was very, very quick…the issues that we were having with the previous company, we didn’t have to deal with them for very long once iT360 came on board and we signed up with them.”

She goes on further to say that “not only was the transition seamless, you wouldn’t even know…the only way that I could tell that we had completely transitioned was the reminders of open tickets with the previous company that I used to get inundated by all the time…those stopped literally overnight.”

In the past, businesses that invested heavily in information technology (IT) enjoyed a significant competitive advantage over their less tech-savvy rivals. Today, however, IT has become table stakes – something that all businesses must have just to stay in the game. While good IT can certainly help you compete more effectively, it is no longer the differentiating factor it once was.

Final Thoughts

When we asked Eleanor if she can summarize her experience of switching IT providers, she said, “my time was never wasted.”

This sums up the fact that you shouldn’t settle for mediocre services and the importance of working with an IT provider that is both proactive and has a vision. One that can anticipate the needs of their clients and provide solutions even before they know they need it.

If you’re looking for an IT provider that will take a proactive approach to your business, contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss how we can help you run your business seamlessly.

DHC Consulting Today

Today, DHC is one of iT360’s managed services client. This move has been a gamechanger for Eleanor and the rest of the team.

“The speed that my issues have been solved has minimised both my frustration and downtime and I know that whatever has been learned is being documented to save time in the future.”
One of the things that set us apart from other IT providers is IT Direct. This lets every member of your company access our team of IT experts. You no longer have to wait for someone to fix your computer or answer your questions.

Eleanor and the team use IT Direct daily, whether it’s for something as simple as resetting a password or asking more complex questions about their system.

“Whenever I lodge a ticket, when I do get a phone call, the technician often sorts out another few issues at the same time…always effortlessly…this is quite a different way of operating from the previous IT company.”

Mediocre Isn't Enough During These Times

Imagine what you could do if you didn’t have to worry about your IT infrastructure anymore. With iT360, you can finally stop stressing about downtime and security breaches. Let us take care of everything for you so you can focus on what really matters – running your business.